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CYCLING FOR A BETTER DEIA – Words from Vicente

As a founder of  “Vicente Reynes Cycling School” I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my non-profit organization.

Five years ago, with help of old friends, I started this venture for the kids in Deia and surrounding areas. I started a cycling school with 15 children. Up to date we teach and train around 60 kids and numbers are growing. 

Without these activities some of these kids would not focus on any goals with which to aspire. Providing these activities help to prevent antisocial behavior such as graffiti, under age drinking, drugs, etc…

Today I am writing this letter to invite you to make a donation to maintain the organization.

During all this time I have been funding this program mostly myself and I also have had some support from local sponsors.  So far we have invested 25,000 Euros. 

Some of these kids who are enrolled need financial assistance. That is why we are trying to raise some funds to take them through the next three years. We are looking to collect 30,000 Euros with donations from this fund raising to provide clothes, helmets, help with travel to events (some on the mainland), racing equipment and other necessary things to the children.

Thus I hope you will consider our letter and we very much appreciate if you can contribute for these kids. We assure that your money will be used for a noble cause.

Vicente Reynes 


Vicente Reynes 

Vicente Reynes, born in Deia, began cycling at the age of 11. Cycling soon became his passion and he dreamed of making it into he professional world of cycling. He started racing in Mallorca and won the Balearic Championship at the age of 16.

Vicente worked in the morning at his family bakery and trained in the afternoon.  This helped him to save money and in order to start racing in mainland Spain.

The hard work paid off and Vicente landed his first contract as a Professional Cyclist. Later became Spanish Champion many times. He has successfully achieved a ranking of 7th in the World and is now at the top of the professional cycling world.