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Spa at home Mallorca

Telephone:+34 606 084 211

Luxury home spa treatments direct to your door.

Spa @ home Mallorca is a professional mobile spa treatment service based in Deia who offers spa treatments in the comfort of your home, holiday home or on-board your boat.

Spa @ home Mallorca is the finishing touch when it comes to spending time in Deia, Valldemossa, Soller and surrounding areas. Imagine stunning mountain views, distant sounds of sheep bells, and the scent of orange and lemon trees filling the air, all while enjoying the ultimate home spa experience. 

Choose from a treatment menu that ranges from massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, facials, ear candling through to manicures, pedicures, waxing.........and more. Their professional therapists are fully qualified with years of experience working in luxury spa environments, and are now bringing the spa sensation direct to your door.


Massage - Your massage will be tailor made to suit you. Your therapist will use a combination of Swedish, pressure point and aromatherapy techniques to ensure your treatment is unique and perfect to suit you.

25 mins - 30 euros,  55 mins - 50 euros, 85 mins -70 euros       

( We offer pregnancy, lymphatic and sports massage on request ). 

NU SKIN anti ageing  facial - This amazing facial from NU SKIN is an anti ageing, and hydrating facial in one. Using a galvanic facial machine to open the pores of the skin,  helping  products absorb to deeper layers, your skin will be firmer, fuller and hydrated, visible results in 1 facial. Includes relaxing scalp massage. 

85 mins - 70 euros

NU SKIN deep cleansing facial – Perfect for congested, oily skin or a great boost for tired, Jet lagged skin. Your skin will be exfoliated, deep cleansed and a clay mask applied. Your skin will appear brighter and vibrant.

55 mins – 50 euros

NU SKIN Hands on facial - Enjoy your skin being cleansed, exfoliated and then massaged with aromatherapy facial oils suited to your skin type. Includes neck and scalp massage, perfect relaxation and skin hydration.

55 mins  - 50 euros

Men’s Shaving - Your skin will be exfoliated, a warm compress applied, shaved and then enjoy a massage with an after shave hydrating cream. Includes scalp massage. Your skin will be hydrated and revitalised.

55 mins – 50 euros

Craniosacral Therapy - This very gentle technique works on the very subtle movements of the cranial and spinal bones, and the tissues surrounding them. Ideal for treating general ailments and specific problems including: migraine, stress, depression, back and neck injuries .......and much much more. Contact us for more details.  

55 mins - 50 euros

Ear Candling - This is a treatment to help with the cleansing of sinuses and the ear. Perfect for people suffering with excess ear wax, blocked ears, sinus problems, migraine, stress and general tension. Great for people who fly/travel on a regular basis.  

55 mins  - 50 euros

Reflexology -  Using specific pressure points on the feet, this alternative therapy is not only relaxing but it can also help with: •Stress and stress-related conditions •Tension headaches •Digestive disorders •Arthritis •Insomnia •Hormonal imbalances •Sports injuries  •Menstrual disorders, such as premenstrual syndrome •Digestive problems, such as constipation •Back pain   

55mins - 50 euros

Self Tanning - For a perfect tan! First be exfoliated then an application of FAKE BAKE self tan will be applied to achieve that perfect all over tan. 

55 mins – 50 euros

Manicure -Your nails will be filed, cuticles trimmed and your hands and arms massaged. Includes nail paint with colour of your choice. 

55 mins  - 25 euros ,  File and polish for the hands  25 mins – 15 euros

Pedicure -  Your feet will be exfoliated, massaged, nails filed, cuticles trimmed. Includes nail paint with colour of your choice. 

55 mins - 30 euros ,   File and polish for the feet 25 mins- 15 euros

Shellac - Have instantly dry nails with a high shine finish that lasts for 2 weeks! Shellac wears like a gel, but is applied like a polish. Easily removed in minutes and causes no damage to the nail underneath.

Shellac Manicure: 60 mins- 45 euro,Shellac Pedicure: 75 mins- 55 euro

Full leg wax       45 mins - 30 euros                                                                 
Half leg wax      30 mins - 25 euros                                                                     
Bikini wax         20 mins - 15 euros  
Underarm         20 mins – 15 euros                                                
Facial waxing    20 mins – 15 euros                                                      
Back Waxing    30 mins – 25 euros
Eyebrow shape 20 mins – 15 euros 
(tweeze or wax ) 

Eyelash tint     20 mins – 15 euros     

Eyebrow tint   10 mins – 10 euros                             

HD BROWS    30 mins - 25 euros  (High definition brows ( HD brows ) includes wax, shape, trim and tint. Leaves you with beautifully defined brows).

Make- up - Speak to your therapist to discuss colours and styles. Perfect for weddings, special occasions or tips on new styles and techniques. 

55 mins – 50 euros