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Deia to Coll and font de ses Mentides

Formerly, before the construction of the current road, the towns of Deia and Soller were connected with the Camino de Castellón and Rost: path leading towards Soller and which can reach the Possession of Son Coll and Font de Ses Mentides (Source of Lies). The route is suitable for all ages, with a relatively low difficulty and has a duration of just over an hour. In recent years the road has been restored by the School of Margers of the island.

The itinerary will begin between km 60.2 and 60.3 of the C-710 (about 10 minutes walk after Deia to Llucalcari), approximately 1.5 km after Deia. Leave from the right path to Ca l'Abat and you will see a house called The Roquissar. We will see a small step stone path which ends in a paved road (indicated by a panel of GR). We will find a villa called Ca'n Pedro, where we take a path that forks; we must follow the path on the left, again signposted, and make a small ledge. Then turn left, to take the path of Castellón and leave the asphalt road (we must not sorrow as the road is still signposted). Here is where we can see one of the most iconic views of the route. A few meters after the road is a dry wall market.
If we continue the route, a few minutes after we find a stone staircase leading down to a olive pickers houses such as C'an Toni Boi.
After leaving a house on the left we arrive at the manor Son Coll, built in the thirteenth century where we can enjoy a privileged view. Today the center keeps its ancestral character, since the nineteenth century the property was divided coming to spring a small group of houses with different owners, one of them acquired by the famous Robert Graves.
Leaving Son Coll enjoy a fantastic view of the cove "Es Colomer" from where we can continue the journey towards Miquelet, down a path of stairs and walls framed. It is on this path where there is a shift to the left that leads to the Font de Ses Mentires (indicated by a panel), also called Son Coll source. The water that flowed from this source was for years the grounds of quarrels and disputes between neighbours from Llucalcari and owners of the farm. The source is located in a small corner with gutter and rectangular stack.
Once we have seen the font we go back to the path of Castelló and we can undo the way back to Deia or we have the option of following the path leading to Sóller.