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Deia to Llucalcari

The small village of Llucalcari appeared between Can Simon and Apollonia in the thirteenth century. Most of the village was owned by the family Borser and its farmstead stood out as the most important of the term of Deia.
Llucalcari, also known by the name of Es Carrer, is a small village located on a hilly terrain. It is 3 km from Deia Soller direction.
The village, consisting of about twenty houses, and some with its old defense towers, is located 85 meters above teh sea level and occupies 0.8ha urban area. One of its highlights is the sixteenth century oratory which serves the Virgin of the Helpless who is honored every August 15.
In Llucalcari we also find a small cove divided into two zones: one of stones and one of rocks. In the stones one (left) there is a small channel from which flows water from the mountain. It is surrounded by greenery and trees. It is a cove where nudism is allowed and where many people use mud to cover their bodies and enjoy the therapeutic properties.
Besides Llucalcari beach there also other areas where we can access without too much difficulty. On the right we find a flat rock creek.
To get to the creek walk you can follow two alternatives:
From Cala Deia you have to take the road leading to the beach and see the ocean before we go up a small path off to the right with an iron barrier. Then having risen a few feet from the top, we see the cove and a path around the cliff. We go along coast for about 30 minutes (at one point the road branches, but they come later in the same spot).
The other option is to continue down the road by car on the way to Soller. About 5 minutes after passing the deviation we find a decrease with an indication to "Hotel Costa d'Or". We go down this path and leave the car at the end of the slope. Then continue by foot, taking the turning to the right (down). We'll find a door and a small step that will lead us to a stone staircase. We must continue downward direction. We will pass a metal door and within minutes we will get to the cove.