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Deia - Torrent Major - Cala Deia

Located between the tips of Deia and Son Beltran is Cala Deia, a small cove of about 75 meters.

The Major stream has a catchment area of 6.5 square kilometers formed by numerous tributaries that originate in the Sierra del Tejo.

The path to Cala Deia is about 5 miles and lasts approximately 30 minutes walk.

The excursion starts at kilometer 29 of the C-710 (ranging from Valldemossa to Deia). From the road we go down to one of the fountains of the village, where there are the old public washing tanks.

Then find a water mill, which starts the way "of the Ribassos" that runs along the right side of Torrent Major. We cross the river and come to a road that ends in a few small steps that leads directly to the Cala.