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Robert Graves

Robert Graves was born in London in 1895. His father was Irish, and his mother German. He went to school at Charterhouse. He was an officer with The Royal Welch Fusiliers during WWI and was badly wounded in the battle of the Somme in 1916. He became known as one of the war poets. 

After the war he married Nancy Nicholson and had four children. He took his degree at Oxford. By then he had published several books of poetry and essays.

In 1926 he began a 13 year collaboration with Laura Riding, and when his marriage broke up in 1929 he went with her to Deià, Mallorca, where he built his house on the proceeds of Goobye to All That. In 1934 he wrote his best-selling I,Claudius to pay off the mortgage. 

Graves and Riding left the island at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, and when their collaboration ceased, he started a new family with Beryl Graves. He returned to Deià in 1946 with his new family and remained there until his death in 1985. 

Robert Graves became one of the great English love poets of the 20th century, and his books on mythology and his historical novels are widely read.