Deia is a paradise – it combines natures beauty, earthly pleasures, social harmony and great restaurants and cafes. With a bohemian vibe that stems from attracting  artists, musicians and writers from all over the world to settle here, the feel is relaxed, friendly, inspirational and a little eccentric!

The village of Deia is encapsulated by the stunning Tramuntana  mountains that give way the the crystal Mediterranean sea. 

The architecture consists of traditional ‘fincas’ built of stone creating a breathtaking sight against the bright blue sky- or at sunset the red hue that floods the mountains with an explosion of reds, pinks and oranges.

The Sierra de Tramuntana mountains are covered by an extensive network of trails used by the charcoal makers when working in the forests, making it the ideal holiday location for hikers outside the summer months.


Apart from its outstanding surroundings Deià has several very interesting museums such as the Archaeological Museum, the museum dedicated to the painter Norman Yanikun, the Parish Museum, the Robert Graves House Museum and the Son Marroig Museum, the enormous estate of the Archduke Luis Salvador. Every year, classical music lovers can enjoy the award-winning Deià International Festival.

Artists choose to a live a life full of beauty and inspiration, Deia has fulfilled this lifestyle for many exceptionally talented artists. Artists have been flocking to Deia since the 60’s and 70’s and since then incredible artwork and legends have been created.

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